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Theatre Equipment

Our range of products ranging from anaesthetic trolleys to surgical steps and instrument trolleys are designed to enhance patient care in a highly sterile environment.

Our ‘Mobile Theatre Equipment’ guide is out now…

  • Procedure Trolley
    Procedure Trolley
  • Anaesthetic Trolley
  • Double White Instrument Trolley
    White Instrument Trolley
  • Stainless Steel Instrument Trolley 2
    Stainless Steel Instrument Trolley
  • Utility Trolley
    Utility Trolley
  • Surgical Steps - Option 1
    Surgical Steps
  • Special Instrument Trolley
    Special Instrument Trolley
  • Cardiac Theatre Trolley
    Cardiac Theatre Trolley
  • NC-Infusion Stand - 2 Hook
    NC-Infusion Stands
  • IC-Infusion Stand - 2 Hook
    IC-Infusion Stands
  • Single Sided Sterile Hook Cart
    Sterile Hook Carts
  • LX Resuscitation Trolley 2
    Paediatric Jump Trolley (Garden Theme)
  • LX Resuscitation Trolley 2
    Paediatric Jump Trolley (Sea Theme)
  • Narrow Trolley
  • Double Trolley
    Double Trolley
  • Theatre Trolley Accessories
  • Theatre Drawer Accessories