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LiFe Lithium ION Battery

LiFe is our zero maintenance mobile power unit. LiFe is a 12V battery module offering twice the run-time at nearly half the weight of a comparative sized lead-acid battery. The modules are built with Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate technology offering outstanding intrinsic safety, excellent float and cycle life resulting in low cost of ownership.

Zero maintenance mobile power

– Rapid and opportunity charging
– Ultra lightweight
– Low cost of ownership
– 2 hour full recharge (3.5 times faster than Sealed Lead Acid)
– Lasts 10+ hours shift runtime
– Zero downtime
– Deep cycling
– Managed services option

Total cost of ownership

When considered over a ten year period the total cost of ownership of the LiFe power solution presents an enormous saving over the sealed lead-acid battery solution.

Rapid charging

Opportunity charging

Enormous Savings

Let’s assume a small fleet of 10 powered workstations running for a total of 10 years…

Typically an SLA battery will last only 500 charge cycles, which is equivalent to only 1 years usage!