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Croydon University Hospital - New A&E



Croydon University Hospital


Croydon University Hospital





Croydon University Hospital - New A&E

In December 2018, the new A&E department at Croydon
University Hospital opened its doors to patients, 30% larger
and with double the capacity to that of the previous A&E. The
£21m building offers modern, high-quality facilities which
were designed by doctors and nurses at the trust, to create
“the best environment in which to care for patients”.

Built to suit the changing methods of front-line care in the NHS, there is a separate Urgent Treatment Centre for people with minor ailments, allowing A&E staff to focus on the most severe patients.

Each emergency room required standardised storage of medical
equipment, with a mixture of fixed HTM71 cabinets, mobile HTM71 trolleys and chart trolleys with HTM71 storage.

Dr Kathryn Channing, lead Emergency Care consultant at CHS said: “We are incredibly proud of what we have built here at Croydon. The new department means our community have access to some of the best emergency care facilities in London.

“Throughout this project we have all worked closely with the designers and construction team to ensure that the department offers exactly the right environment in which to care for our local community now and for many years to come.”

hospital equipment
top chart trolley
trolley and chaira
hospital bed and equipment

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