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Modular Storage

Infinity HTM71 Mobile Modular Storage

Save time and space with the innovative Agile Medical modular storage solution.

The flexible system, made from high-quality aluminium, expands easily to different widths and depths to clearly sort and safely store all required items within easy reach. Combined with a wide range of accessories, this is a versatile storage system that satisfies all requirements.


  • Personalised storage system with infinite possibilities
  • From shelf to all-rounder for storage, preparation and work
  • Compatible with comprehensive labelling system for increased efficiency and reduced errors

Ideal working conditions

Keep your products clearly sorted, stored safely, and within easy reach.

Infinity HTM71 Mobile Modular Storage
Infinity HTM71 Mobile Modular Storage
Infinity HTM71 Mobile Modular Storage
Infinity HTM71 Mobile Modular Storage

Stability and flexibility

The flexible shelf system is designed according to the add-on principle. Start with the base unit and add any number of extensions to it – now or later.

Load-bearing capacity up to 400kg per column.

Expand as desired:
theoretically infinite

The range

Combining the infinity system with ISO standard HTM71 baskets and trays, you achieve a functional, holistic solution that ensures perfect organisation, overview and flexibility.

  • Optimal working and flexible expansion
  • Optimal use of space
  • Clear and space saving

30% more space

Various system heights

Flexible subdivision

With unrivalled flexibility, the infinity system can be configured with aluminium shelves to support storage throughout healthcare facilities. Standard shelves come with 35kg weight capacity, with optional heavy duty shelves offering over 100kg weight capacity.

  • High load capacity
  • Ideal for bulk storage
  • Combine with HTM71 for hybrid storage

30% more space

Various system heights

The mobile shelving system by Agile Medical.

Maximum flexibility and great space savings.


  • Pass-through feature – workflow from both sides
  • Add on to existing Infinity or individual solution
  • Only 1 aisle necessary for 5 shelves
  • All mechanical – no need for electricity
  • No need for floor fixation

30% more space

Flexible expansion

Flexible moving

Free choice of accessories
Equip your Infinity MHD with the ISO modular tray system.

Endless possibilities
We plan your customised shelf according to your wishes.

Infinity pull-out steri shelves are specifically designed for safe and protected storage of sterile containers, with options of wire shelves for lightweight items and pull-out support runners for heavier items.

  • Protective anodized aluminium construction
  • Adjustable pull-out shelves to accommodate all sizes of sterile container
  • Top covers to protect sterile packs/containers from dust

30% more space

Various system heights

Configure your infinity storage system now

Let us know your project requirements by filling in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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