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Resus Trolleys: What Goes into an Emergency Crash Cart?

In any emergency medical setting, having a well-stocked Resus Trolley, also known as a crash cart or code cart, can be the difference between life and death. It contains a variety of critical tools and medications to help healthcare providers quickly respond to any emergency situation that may arise. In this post, we will explore the contents of a Resus Trolley and why each item is essential for providing acute care.

Airway Management Equipment: The First Line of Defence

One of the most crucial components of a Resus Trolley is airway management equipment. This includes endotracheal tubes, laryngoscopes, and suction devices, among other tools. These are essential in ensuring that the patient’s airway is clear, allowing for proper oxygenation and ventilation, which is crucial in life-threatening situations.

Cardiovascular Equipment: Monitoring and Regulating Heart Rate and Rhythm

Another vital component of a Resus Trolley is cardiovascular equipment. This includes defibrillators, cardiac monitors, and intravenous access equipment, among other tools. These are used to monitor and regulate the patient’s heart rate and rhythm and provide immediate intervention in case of cardiac arrest.

Medications: Life-Saving Drugs to Stabilise Patients

In addition to equipment, a Resus Trolley contains a variety of medications used in emergency situations. These may include drugs such as epinephrine, atropine, and adenosine, among others. Each medication has a specific purpose and is used to stabilise patients and manage potentially life-threatening conditions.

Resuscitation Equipment: Helping Patients Breathe and Maintain Proper Oxygenation

Resuscitation equipment is also an important component of a Resus Trolley. This includes bag valve masks, oxygen masks, and manual resuscitation devices, among other tools. These are used to help the patient breathe and maintain proper oxygenation in critical situations.

Miscellaneous Supplies: Essential Tools for Providing Proper Care

Finally, a Resus Trolley may also contain various miscellaneous supplies, such as gloves, syringes, and gauze, among others. These items are used in a variety of emergency situations and are necessary for providing proper care to the patient.


In summary, a well-stocked Resus Trolley is an essential tool in any emergency medical setting. It contains airway management equipment, cardiovascular equipment, medications, resuscitation equipment, and miscellaneous supplies. Each item plays a critical role in providing acute care to patients in emergency situations. By having a fully equipped Resus Trolley, healthcare providers can be prepared to handle any emergency that may arise, saving lives and improving patient outcomes.

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All content of this blog is based on Resuscitation Council UK guidance.